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Dear friends!

We are very glad to welcome you on the one and only Russian language internet project dedicated to Warsaw - "Warsaw In Russian".

Our website is a modern guide dedicated to promoting culture and significant events in Warsaw of interest to Russian speakers as well as introducing historical monuments and places of interest.

Our visitors are Russian speaking businessmen, tourists, students traveling to Poland and looking for hotels, restaurants, discos, car rentals, important addresses, telephone numbers or any required service in Warsaw.

Our project is also a place, where Russian speaking compatriots and exmpatriots living in Warsaw can meet. Sometimes we come from different parts of the world, from different countries of CIS, but we have one thing in common. We speak Russian.

Unfortunately we don't have an English version of out web site. Yet...  But if you know Russian a bit, feel free to express your opinion on our 'forum', publish your comments, send us your favorite articles, poems, essays or pictures of Warsaw.


Sincerely yours
"Warsaw In Russian"  team




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